Alternative Therapies for Cancer

By: Peter Lorince

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Alternative Therapies for Cancer is a book covering numerous alternative therapies for cancer. It includes herbal remedies and vitamin programs that have met with success. It includes recent discoveries that have come forth in the past few years and cancer therapies that are practiced primarily in other countries and are often unavailable in the Western world. It covers facts without exaggeration.

Cascara Sagrada


The book talks about immune enhancement herbs which will enable ones body to react and combat cancer by putting it into remission. It discusses immune suppressers which have the reverse effect so should be avoided.
In an effort to provide comprehensive information to those that might be afflicted with cancer this book not only provides descriptions of the therapies and formulas for making the natural cures but also provides names, addresses and phone numbers where the natural ingredients may be obtained.

ALTERNATIVE CANCER THERAPIES also covers some of the political aspects of cancer therapy in this country and why many of the natural alternative therapies have not been made available to the public or simply suppressed. 


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